About Z Place

Community, Connection, with a Side of Wine.

For over 15 years, Z Place for Wine has been a staple within the Montgomery community. Everyone knows, when you want fine wine, you take a trip to Z Place. Since 2020, this beautiful legacy has been nurtured and grown by the current owner, Leslie Julius.

Z Place has built quite the reputation on a unique and unmatched selection of wines from every corner of the globe. We pride ourselves in the ability to share wines with our clients they’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. But, Z Place isn’t simply just a wine shop. Z Place is a boutique and intimate space for individuals to build friendship and community over a glass of Chardonnay. For Leslie and her team, people that walk through the Z Place doors aren’t simply customers, but new friends. Through the love and diligence of Leslie and the shop family, Z Place has become an inviting destination for events and gatherings that promotes friendship, interaction, and connection.

Z Place is available for the casual couple looking to enjoy a tasting on a night out, the bride longing for an intimate shower over Champagne, the Sales Manager building a client meet-and-greet, and everything in between. Looking to book your next event? We’re just one phone call away. We can’t wait to see you.